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No matter how durable your A/C unit is, someday, you will need to get it fixed or even replaced. However, many people are torn between repairing and replacing their A/C unit. There are A/C units that can still be repaired and there are others that definitely need to be replaced. So how can you tell if you need A/C repair or when to buy a new one?


If your A/C system was properly cared for and maintained, there’s a high chance that you will only need A/C repair in Tampa. A/C units are built to be sturdy so repairs may handle the problem.

  • A/C repair in Tampa is more affordable given that the problem is minor and the repair doesn’t cost a fortune. Repairing is the best way to go to save money.
  • A/C repair in Tampa should definitely cost less, at least 50% from buying a new A/C unit. If it is priced higher, then maybe you should consider buying a new one then.
  • Is your A/C unit still warrantied? Most often than not, A/C units have a warranty of five years. So if your unit breaks down within this time frame, repairing is your best bet to get the costs down.


But if your A/C unit is always broken, you may want to buy a new one as this will prove to be more cost-efficient in the long run.

  • It is time to replace your unit if the A/C unit has high energy consumption. Newer models are more energy-efficient. So if you have an old A/C and want to save on your power bills, replacing it is a good idea.
  • As mentioned earlier, repairs should cost 50% less than a brand new A/C unit. If this isn’t the case, go for replacing.
  • The current A/C unit you have keeps breaking down even after repairs. This means that your A/C may be dying on you and it’s really time to buy a new one already.
  • Consider a Duct-Less System from Mitsubishi to save on cooling costs. Check out the videos below.

A/C repair in Tampa or buying a new one shouldn’t be a hard decision. But, it can be a challenge to find an A/C repair company that will really give you honest quotes, where you will base your decisions on. Some may quote you too high and give you the idea that you have to replace it. Some may quote you too low because their services are of poor quality.

Always proceed with caution and be wary of repair companies that aren’t trustworthy. We all know that A/C units aren’t cheap. So make it a point to call a reputable repair company in Tampa to fix your A/C repair problems.

Electric Today is now offering Duct-Less Systems from Mitsubishi
AC Today - Mitusbishi Electric Cooling and Heating

No waste and lower cost energy bills

Air ducts are not the most efficient way for air to travel

Why Mitsubishi Electric?

What is a Single-Zone Solution?

What is a Multi-Zone Solution?

Introducing the MVCseries Air Handler – Multi-Position Air Handling System

The Diamond Comfort System – Provides complete customization and scaleability

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